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Open Tryouts are currently being held for the following teams:

B2010 Flight 2 Fridays 5:00pm - 6:30pm David Z TBD
B2007 Flight 1 (Academy Reserve) Wednesdays 6:00pm - 7:30pm David Z TBD
B2008 Flight 2 TBD TBD David Z TBD
B2007 Flight 2 TBD TBD David Z TBD
G2007 Flight 2 TBD TBD David Z TBD
B2005 Mon /Thur 5:00pm - 6:30pm Adriano Huntington Beach
B2001 Flight 1 Mon / Thur 6:30pm - 8:00pm Adriano Huntington Beach


For the above teams please refer to the Coach's column and use the contact information below to contact him for additional information.

Adriano de Lima +1 (714) 813-0174
David Zilpa +1 (818) 339-5095



2018/19 Online Registration Form - coming soon!!!

We are in the process of finalizing our Online Registration form for our 2018/19 Season.  We are hoping to have this available to you to fill out and sign electronically.  We are expecting this to be completed and available to you beginning February 22nd.  

Stay tuned for updated events.



Jr Strikers Cup 2018 - Updated Information

We have completed our Tournament brackets for both our Boys/Girls teams. It is scheduled for this weekend Saturday-Sunday, January 20-21

Letter from Striker's President

No news currently found.

Strikers FC - South Coast the news!!!

Congratulations to our Champions!!!

Dear Strikers FC – South Coast Friends and Family,

It is with great pleasure and pride that on behalf of the BOD and our whole organization that I wish to congratulate our Finalists and Champions for the 2017 Season Play Offs.  Six of our Teams made it to the semifinals and finals.  We are extremely proud of you and indebted to work harder and strive for higher goals.  As I know you are as well.


Boys 01 Adriano

Boys 04 Marcos


Boys 03 Marcos

Boys 00 Beto


Boys 00 Mario

Girls 02 Genaro


We GROW CHAMPIONS! Go Strikers!!! 


Marissa Peña

Strikers FC-South Coast


Affiliated Clubs

Our mission is to develop high quality soccer players through exceptional training methods and by dedicated professional coaches in a challenging, but fun environment.  Our focus and our efforts are on our players. 
Click on the locations below for additional information 




Alsace Cup 2018 Team

Dear Strikers FC-South Coast Family and Friends,

When we use motivational language, we are generally referring to language that speaks of hopes, dreams, and affirmations, example “You are the best!” This kind of language – let´s call it motivational, has its role. But the message from Sports psychologists and the
Hotbeds of champions is clear: High motivation is not the language that ignites people.

What works is precisely the opposite:  Not reaching up but reaching down, speaking to the ground-level effort, affirming the struggle.

The Truth is that building skills and circuits of skills are not easy to build, deep practice requires serious effort and passionate work. -- -The Talent Code

Our Efforts, struggles and plans, which start with our developmental ages and intensify with our International Participants are the highlight of all of our players that wish to take their skills and mental game to a new level.  To a World Level.

For this reason, we continue to reach down, deep, to struggle and to humbly accept, knowing the challenges that we will face, the unique invitations that have come to be part of our soccer program.

I am proud to say that once again, we have accepted the following FIFA invitation only Tournaments:

  • Cordial Cup Girls 2003
  • Cordial Cup Boys 2005
  • N. Ireland Super Cup Boys 2003
  • N. Ireland Super Cup Boys 2001

And our most recent and hard fought Invitation, being once again the first and only American Team to be invited; Pioneers in this quest for Growth and Greatness:

The Alsace Cup in France Girls 2002.  A Cup that is for the best and most competitive Teams from only 16 different clubs from France, Europe and Scandinavia.  This Tournament is a prize for the best and the mightiest of teams in their country and their clubs.

We are grateful for the opportunity and we are going to have to dig deep to challenge everything we know about soccer until now. Good Luck to our brave girls attending and good luck to all of our teams traveling to compete amongst the best and the strongest.

We will be better for it. God Bless Us!

Marissa Peña

SuperCup-Northern Ireland 2017

Cordial Cup - Austria 2017

Practice Schedule - October

Click on the link to jump to our Practice Schedule section.

There you will be able to print, download or view the schedule.

Note:  Keep in mind that the schedule is subject to change.  Please check with Coaches and Managers as well.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our  Technical Director,  Marcos Canseco by phone at (562) 712-6022 or email  at

Our very own Tavia Leachman finishing up camp with the USA National team, can't wait to have you in the pitch wearing the strikers colors. #17

Strikers FC - South Coast: Album

  • Strikers Cup Finalist - G00 Sanchez
  • Pat's Cup Finalist - Boys 2002
  • Anaheim FC Summer Showcase Flight 1 - Boys 2007 Champs