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Welcome our new Strikerets!

Joining our ranks this June we say hello to the girls of 09!  Wishing upon them the greatest of things, we hope they grow with in our club to not only do amazing things but grow into amazing people!  #WeGrowChampions!

Guerledan Tournament 2019

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Alsace Cup 2019 - Daily Journal

  • Alsace Journal - Day 6

  • By Marissa Peña 06/11/2019, 7:30am PDT
  • Bon Jour! Second day of the tournament. Its a great day for playing. The weather is just right. Not hot, a little cold and overcast, makes
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Alsace Cup 2019

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Strikers News Today:

After months of trying to hide from a constant image of our club from an outside perspective, we at Strikers FC - South Coast have begun a transition not just in name, brand, or mark, but as an institution as well. Becoming  'Strikers FC - International' felt to many in our organization as fated. On the home front our goals to continue to be more than attendance in renowned out of nation tournaments. At a international level our members continue to grow in numbers. As we feel an unavoidable clash intwined with destiny, we have proactively chosen to finally take to the world stage in formal fashion. 


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We Are Strikers FC International #ViceTalks