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Day 7 - July 31, 2019

By Melissa Pearce, 07/31/19, 3:30PM PDT


They players have for sure caught on to the schedules and the meals. This morning started again with stretching.

They players have for sure caught on to the schedules and the meals.  This morning started again with stretching.  Coach finds this to be very important to prepare them for the day and the games.  The players have commented how much of a difference they can see.  After breakfast, it was time to head back to the laundry room and clean the jerseys for the day’s game.  Some boys went back to The Hive to hang out and play pool and others hung out in their rooms. 

Today proved to be cold but we didn’t have any rain.  The drive to the field in Ballymoney was beautiful.  We drove passed fields and fields of sheep, cows, and horses.  The players were in good spirits but their battle scars are starting to show.  We had a sore foot here, a bruise there, but all in all they were ready to go.

Each game has started out the same with the teams being introduced, the flags exchanged, and the players announced.  It’s nice to see the players exchanging a quick high five or handshake before and after the games with the players and the officials. Today’s field had stadium seats and a huge turnout as our opponent was Co Down, a local team.  Again, the players put up a good fight but lost the game 0-3.

We arrived back at the University in time for dinner.  Tonight’s menu included the usual chicken dish, beef dish, pasta, and vegetables.  As I type this to tell you we had an uneventful evening, the smell of smoke permeated our building and the fire alarm went off.  The players learned a valuable life lesson – Nothing with metal belongs in the microwave….ever.  It was not a false alarm as we were all required to evacuate but it was only smoke from the microwave and no actual fire.  I can tell you with confidence, the University takes this very seriously which we learned when we were required to evacuate even though we knew the source of the smoke.  For the record, it was an adult, not a player that set off the alarm…

At any rate, the players are safe in their rooms and a bit bummed about their standings but looking forward to their game tomorrow.