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Day 5 - July 29, 2019

By Amy Arellano, 07/30/19, 2:30PM PDT


As the pitter-patter of the rain awakens us on this Sunday-Fun-Day, the weather has not affected our mood here at Coleraine.

As the pitter-patter of the rain awakens us on this Sunday-Fun-Day, the weather has not affected our mood here at Coleraine. 

After breakfast, again the boys had a brief practice in the rain.  

And after showering, another quick bite at lunchtime was in the agenda.  

Leisure time  in their rooms was granted by the coaches. The rainy weather seemed to contribute to hush everyone into a nice nap before the scheduled SuperCup Ni 2019 Parade. 

A "double-decker" bus picked us ('04s, '02s, Coaches, Management/Staff, & Chaperones) all up at the University at 5:45 p.m. to then transport us to the parade formation area.  

Pre-Parade frolicking was inevitable from the boys.  "Fans" seemed to be hovering around like "bees to honey". 

The parade began at 7:00 p.m. The starting point was at the Diamond Centre in Coleraine, near the "Bertie Peacock" statue.  

●  The captain of Celtic’s famous 7-1 team, the ever-smiling Bertie played in the Hoops for 12 years and was a very popular player with team-mates and supporters alike.  The Coleraine man was also a distinguished internationalist for Northern Ireland and it was when playing for the North in the 1958 World Cup (when they made it to the quarter-finals!) that he earned the nickname ‘THE LITTLE ANT’.  

●  Bertie went on to manage Northern Ireland for five years and also his hometown team of Coleraine, who won their first ever Irish League Championship under Bertie’s guidance in 1974.  He went on to help establish the famous Milk Cup youth tournament. 

 ●  With 453 Celtic appearances and 50 goals, Bertie Peacock is a legendary Celt.  This statue was unveiled by Pat Jennings in 2007, three years after Bertie’s death. 

It was exhilarating to see the whole townspeople await this event along the quaint sidewalk. The wet-coldness of the weather didn't seem to "shoo" anyone away either.  All smiles, clapping & "hoots"  where seen and heard throughout the parade as the hometown band orchestrated the march with their boisterous sound of music.  

The boys too were revelling in their moment under the misty rain as they heard continuously,  "Woo-hoo! Gooo STRIKERS!" And the children's eyes would widen with excitement when they were "high-fived" by a STRIKERS player. 

The march concluded at the Showgrounds Coleraine were an introduction, by the SuperCup NI commissioners, of all participating teams were announced.  A final walkthrough along a designated path by our very own '04s and '02s STRIKERS  FC was proudly made.  

A very rowdy return to our "double-decker" bus was escorted by a few lingering fans, making the ride back to Ulster University worth remembering.  

Upon arrival, a quick shower was ordered to all as to avoid any and/all symptoms of a cold. Thus, getting ready for tomorrow's big game. 


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