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Journal - Day 1

By WebMaster, 07/21/17, 3:30PM PDT


With high hopes and a cheerful attitude is how the Strikers FC - SC Teams arrived into the University

Day 1

Journal Day 1
by Marissa Peña

With high hopes and a cheerful attitude is how the Strikers FC - SC Teams arrived into the University of Ulster, headquarters to many international teams participating in the Super Cup 2017 Northern Ireland.  We got off to a wonderful and smooth start back in LA and really took advantage of the 13.5 flight hours by sleeping as much as we could.  Needless to say, just a handful of boys could not find it possible to sleep completely, whether by excitement or the various movies, the fact remains everyone is highly focused and united on this journey.  A journey which already shows signs of being everything a Club would aspire to have in its ranks and everything a young player aspiring to be a pro, could possibly experience.  

After arriving in the University and installing ourselves in the "super" assigned rooms, we headed for the cafeteria where a great and much warranted dinner was served: Noodles, amazing potatoes, chicken and rice, peas and broccoli, all the fruit you can eat, and the best brownie cake I have ever tasted and I should not be eating brownie cake!  We had our Club Meeting and all assigned roles were discussed, new rules were given, services were outlined and then presentations were made.  Namely of Mr. Stewart Hannah, who is a 12 year member of our delegation, representing the Super Cup Committee.  

After the meeting, the coaches: Marcos, Edward, Sergio and Jimmy took the boys for a walk down the known paths in order to have the boys stretch their legs properly.  Showers and Lights Out is next in order.  Tomorrow we have our first friendly vs our longtime friends from Seaview, Belfast: the Crusaders FC.  Both teams will now put their preparation and expectations to the test, in Irish grounds.  Kick off begins at 6:30 pm for the Premiers and 8 pm for the Juniors.  It will be a great day for us and hopefully for all of you that found it good to send your boys to the Super Cup, knowing this will be a game changer in their lives.  Thank you and God Bless You All!

Meanwhile, enjoy the beautiful scenery and pictures that we are so fortunate to be experiencing.