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Journal - Day 2

By WebMaster, 07/21/17, 5:15PM PDT


We are greeted this morning by what we have come to really look forward to: rain, rain, rain!

Day 2

by Marissa Pena

We are greeted this morning by what we have come to really look forward to: rain, rain, rain!  After our breakfast and routine meeting, and a quick rest, the boys quickly organized for their first practice on the university grounds.  The Premiers took the field first, thinking they would have their scheduled friendly against the Crusaders at 6:30 pm.  We were informed after lunch that the schedule had now changed, requesting the Junior Team to play their first game at 7:00 pm and the Premiers at 8:00 pm.  The game ended with a 2-0 victory for the Strikers FC.  

The Crusaders FC 17 Squad are a very tough and physical team.  Not only were they well organized and pressured us all the time, coming hard and relentless at the boys. Who learned quickly that the same system of fouls and rough play does not apply here in Europe.  Coach Sergio said the boys made the necessary adjustments and stepped up to become more offensive.  We defended the whole first half but the adjustments made at half time proved to solidify the attack.  Outstanding playing was all around, but we really do have to acknowledge Jack Morrell who stood out as a center defender, a position he has never played before and did outstanding.  Our goalie, Arturo Magaña also had an amazing assist all the way from the goal line, where he threw the ball in for 45 yards to Tristan Webber,  who in turn gave the perfect through pass to Brian Martinez for a beautiful finish. scoring his second goal of the game.

I believe we have found our rhythm and are ready for our second friendly versus the GPS Bayern Team from Florida.  I don't know how friendly the game will actually be, but we will take this opportunity to keep on growing from today's game and further the team's confidence, says Coach Sergio Alvarez.

All the best and see you tomorrow!!!