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Journal - Day 5

By WebMaster, 07/24/17, 3:15PM PDT


Today is set up so we can get lots of relaxing before the game. Everybody is very loose before

Monday - July 24 2017
by Adrian Hong

Today is set up so we can get lots of relaxing before the game. Everybody is very loose before the first game. As we are waiting for Eddie on the bus, everybody are emitting the feeling of excitement. Many get more hyped up when they hear the news that the premier team won a vital game 2-0.

When we arrive to the field, there are faces of disappointment because the field is very small and thick. And the game takes off as Strikers play Dundalk FC in an exhilarating 60 minute game. The first good chance opens up as Moi takes a cut inside and shoots to hit the crossbar and Isaac traps it and crosses it back on the ground for Moi to shoot it on a half volley and score. As the game progresses, Strikers are actively creating chances while Dundalk are trying to force a goal with long balls and cherry picking. The fouls are racking up because Dundalk are forcing a very physical game with their elbows and pushes. Max does a quick turn on a defender and it grazes the crossbar. Right after max hits the crossbar, he immediately takes the ball from the defender and chips the ball over the keeper gracefully to make the score 2-0 Strikers. Dundalk have had many chances but they are all easy for the keeper. Literally right after I wrote that down, their star player #9 traps a ball he hits on a volley beautifully over Nate. Overall we are confident we are going to win because we have dominated in chances and possession going into the second half.

The most successful chance in the second half happened when Rayvon shot a bouncing 35 yard ball that nearly went in. A Dundalk FC player quickly receives a red card for cleating Ian away from the play. As time goes on, tension keeps building up. In total, this game tested our physicality rather than our skill. The game ends in a 2-1 win for Strikers in a hard fought battle to start our success in the Milk Cup.