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Journal - Day 5

By WebMaster, 07/24/17, 3:30PM PDT


Today´s game against County Armagh, first official tournament game for the Premiers, proved to be quite a physical

Monday, July 24 2017
by Marissa Peña


Today´s game against County Armagh, first official  tournament game for the Premiers, proved to be quite a physical challenge for the team.  The Strikers quickly set their game plan in motion, executing all of the tactics and runs that Coach Sergio, as a result of a well studied coaching analysis, instructed.   The Strikers found two goals, but not before taking several blows to ribs, egos, and knees from the County Team.  As the Strikers tried to play the ball and make their connections as planned, the County team, ran through every play forcing the Strikers to rethink their touches and take shots on goal as it did not seem that opportunities to be let into the 30 yard line would be allowed.  

Several stops dead on the line came up big for the Strikers by Goalie Arturo Magaña.  Amazing!  Approximately with 15 minutes to go until the half, Captain Tristan Weber broke through the defensive lines to obtain the first corner for the Strikers.  A perfectly executed, upper left floater, corner kick literally found Quinn Richards to open the scoreboard for the Strikers.  The team picked up the momentum and the rhythm it was seeking.

After the half, two adjustments were made to provide more of a defensive role to Rayshaun McGann and bring in Carlos Nava (Tiger) to help defend in the middle and to keep the ball on our half.  It was the perfect adjustment and the Strikers kept building from every play.  Not withstanding, Goalie Magañan´s hands proved to be too much for the Co Armagh team, denying them of any and all of their chances.  Excellent work from all of the Defense Players as they continued to shut down the offense lines of Armagh.  The decisive goal came for the second time in this journey from an assisted goalie kick from Magaña that found Bryan Martinez just at the 30th yard line, who volleyed the ball to himself and then chipped it surgically over the goalies head to find the back of the net.  

Team work, unity, true grit and bravery, along with tactical planning, gave the Strikers their first victory in the tournament.  Tomorrow's game is the game that will determine who comes out of this group as the group leader.  A well desired rematch against Osasco is in the works.  

All the best and God Bless!