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Journal - Day 6

By WebMaster, 07/25/17, 2:00PM PDT


Today we face off against the toughest team in all of our fixtures. We face Swindon Town FC

Tuesday - July 25 2017
by Adrian Hong

Today we face off against the toughest team in all of our fixtures. We face Swindon Town FC. We are playing on a bigger field this time, so we can go back to our fast paced passing play. Many players from Swindon Town have played against last year's Strikers; Eddie tells us the key aspects to their long ball game.

Everybody is very relaxed and confident going into this game. The first kick of the game is a long ball which sets the tone; the other team like to kick it wide and cross it into their tall forward. Swindon Town have an early cross and they find their winger in the 6 yard box and Mac somehow saves it. Another corner and Swindon Town get the header and it lands on one their foots and Mac miraculously saves it once again. He has saved two goals for Strikers. Swindon Town takes a short corner pass and shoots it right over the keeper.

Strikers are playing Swindon Town’s game and it is not working out for them.

Swindon Town make it 2 with another cross that #8 heads into to the top left corner. It's looking bleak for Strikers as Swindon Town are possessing more and creating more chances as the first half ends. We're hoping to change in the second half with faster passing play and diagonal long balls.

Things are already changing as Strikers have a shot that misses the goal and Isaac gets a cross from Ray and unfortunately hits the post from 6 yard away with his left foot. Swindon Town make it 3 with a through ball in behind and takes it beyond the keeper and eventually hits it over two defenders in the goal. Swindon make it 4 from a deflected shot on the top of the box. They make it 5-0 with a ball over the defender and the attacker puts it past the keeper. All types of disappointment and embarrassment on the bench and the field. In all, this game was disappointing for us because we know we could have done better. Even though our chances of being in the Super Cup are out, we will learn from our mistakes to help us in the future, which is ultimately what we came here for.