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Day 6 - Tuesday, July 24th 2018

By Hector Rodriguez, 07/25/18, 9:15PM PDT


Its the second day of SupercupNI and we are having breakfast at 7:45am and lunch and an early lunch at 11am.

Its the second day of Super Cup NI and we are having breakfast at 7:45 am and lunch and an early lunch at 11 am.  We get picked up at 11:45 am and we are off to Castlerock.  The boys are warming up and game starts at 1:30 on the dot.  The game has begun and right away Strikers get a free kick right outside the 18 yard box. Eric Reyes steps up to take the free kick. He scores another stunner right into the top right corner! The team celebrates with joy.

The game goes on and Strikers FC are getting fouled over and over but no calls from the referee.  Strikers FC are making great tackles but every single tackle they did was a foul.  So South Hampton get a free kick and it is crossed into the box.  The South Hampton player falls and is holding the on the ground with his hands.  The South Hampton player wanted a penalty kick but it wasn't given to him.  Still the South Hampton player is on the ground with his hands on the ball.  Strikers FC calling for a handball and the referee doesn't call anything and says play on.

The South Hampton player gets up and lets go of the ball from his hands and plays his teammate.  His teammate shoots and its passed the goalkeeper.  The game is now 1-1 and South Hampton gets a corner kick.  The ball is crossed in and the referee blows his whistle for a questionable penalty.  The South Hampton player slots it in right down the middle.  Strikers FC is now down 2-1 and it's halftime.  Both teams are back on the field and the 2nd half starts.  It's a very intense game and Southampton gets a counter and they shoot right out of the 18 yard box and is deflected off of Eric Reyes.  The ball does a tricky bounce and goes into the back of the net.  South Hampton defeat Strikers FC 3-1 in a thrilling game but could've been better if the referee made much more better calls.  Afterwards our players are heated and argue with the ref.

Coach and Manager send players back to locker room but the ref is mad about some words boys said and calls out Tyler and gives him a suspension for the next game.  We head on back to the university for dinner and that's a wrap.