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Day 7 - Wednesday, July 25th 2018

By Hector Rodriguez, 07/25/18, 9:45PM PDT


Breakfast at 7:45 am and we get a packed lunch to go. Sandwiches, water and fruit. We are picked up at 11:45 am and head out to Broughshane for our game vs Co. Tyrone.

Breakfast is served at 7:45 am and we get a packed lunch to go.  Sandwiches, water and fruit.  We are picked up at 11:45 am and head out to Broughshane for our game vs Co. Tyrone.  Broughshane holds a special place in our hearts. Marissa Peña, our president says it best.  It’s our sister City with Huntington Beach.  A town and a people who value what we hold to be the truths and goodness, hard work, honestly, the focus on youth and their development, community, sharing and God.  As long as there is one of us standing in the end, we can rebuild our families and our homes.  We stop by to take a picture of the team with the welcome to Broughshane sign. 

It's 1:30 and its game time and we are one man down due to a suspension yesterday.  Tyler Tapper is out and can't play.  The boys know they have to play much harder.  The game has started! The game is very intense and the boys are trying very hard to win due to a loss yesterday.  Co. Tyrone had plenty of chances but Griffin Welch makes beautiful saves.  The half ends and its 0-0.  The second half begins.  Ten minutes into the second half Griffin Welch with a beautiful ball over Co. Tyrone's defense and Spencer Roberts is 1v1 with the goalkeeper.  Spencer Roberts puts it away and him and his teammates celebrate with the bench and coaching staff.  Co Tyrone comes in harder after Strikers FC scored.  Co. Tyrone gets a corner.  They cross it in and is headed into the back of the net.  It's 1-1 and the game is heating up.  Co. Tyrone gets another corner and Paul Mencos loses his head and hits another player in the face.  Paul Mencos receives a red card and Co. Tyrone gets a penalty kick.  The Co. Tyrone player runs up and slots it away into the bottom left corner.  Co. Tyrone scores 2 goals in the last 10 minutes of the game and the game finishes.  Co. Tyrone comes out with the victory over Strikers FC 2-1 Final. 

After game the boys take pictures with the local soccer boys that are huge fans of our Strikers FC team.  We head on back straight to dinner and we have enough time to change and freshen up and go to the Junior Match between Manchester United and the National Ireland Team in Portstewart.  Manchester United got the 3-1.  We wait for our bus and the time now is 8 pm and we are heading back to university to call it a night.