Journal Day 1

With high hopes and a cheerful attitude is how the Strikers FC - SC Teams arrived into the University of Ulster, headquarters to many international teams participating in the Super Cup 2017 Northern Ireland. We got off to a wonderful and smooth start back in LA and really took advantage of the 13.5 flight hours by sleeping as much as we could. Needless to say, just a handful of boys could not find it possible to sleep completely, whether by excitement or the various movies, the fact remains everyone is highly focused and united on this journey. A journey which already shows signs of being everything a Club would aspire to have in its ranks and everything a young player aspiring to be a pro, could possibly experience.

After arriving in the University and installing ourselves in the "super" assigned rooms, we headed for the cafeteria where a great and much warranted dinner was served: Noodles, amazing potatoes, chicken and rice, peas and broccoli, all the fruit you